Rise Series Height-Adjustable Desks

Rise Series Height-Adjustable Desks

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Height-Adjustable Desks are the perfect complement to our chairs.  If you want to reduce the negative side effects of sitting for long periods, the answer is not to stand for 8 hours straight.  The answer is to change your position frequently throughout the day.  That is why electric height-adjustable desks with memory presets are so convenient.  When you want to stand up, simply press a button to raise your desk to the perfect preset height.  When it's time to take a load off, just press another button to sit back down. How awesome is that?


  • Built-in, Fast-Charge Wireless Charging - Conveniently charge your phone

  • Ergo Edge Design - For improved wrist and forearm comfort
  • 4 Position Memory Presets - Save your favorite positions
  • LED RGB Piping – USB plugin required
  • Full Mousepad Desk Topper
  • Straight edge Design - allows for easy installation of Monitor Arms and other peripherals
  • 25mm/sec Speed - Allows you to adjust your desk quickly

55″ Width x 27.5″ Depth 28-48″ Height

4 Position Memory

Save your favorite positions

10W Quick Wireless

Keeping your phone alive in the middle of the game
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